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In this Section, the history of Hindus (and that of Bharat, India) beyond 3000 B.C. is presented. The Vedic age, which incorporates the lineage of Manus and host of other stellar personalities, continued from archaic past until the end of the Mahabharat War (3138 B.C.). The Ramayanic and Mahabharat civilizations are included during this period as well.

The Aryan Invasion Theory, that the Aryans came into Bharat (India) from outside around 1500 B.C. is now being disproven and abandoned among academic circles and research institutions. Some articles analyzing this theory are presented here.

The post-Mahabharat civilizations flourished on the banks of Saraswati and Sindhu rivers. The so-called Indus Valley Cultures (2500 B.C.) are testimonial to this premise. An International Conference on Revisting Indus-Sarasvati Age & Ancient India was held in Atlanata from Oct 4-6, 1996. The abstracts of all the presented papers and other News & Related Materials of Interest are available here. The second biennial conference on New Perspective on Vedic & Ancient Indian Civilization has been announced details have been posted here.

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