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Old Sarasvati River has been found !

A number of visitors to the website and those who have participated in conferences, discussions and lectures on the subject, have asked questions on how they can get involved and have also offered to help in a number of ways…

A number of questions have been raised :

The answers to these tough questions are not easy.

The river has dried up in stretches; it has not disappeared; it flows round the year at Pehoa. The river is in the hearts of many people in India; even in places where only two rivers join, the place is called a triveni sangamam; when asked, ''where is the third river?" the answer is: "It is underground; it is Sarasvati, the underground river."

We need all the help from as many people as we can get together to find satisfactory answers. A lot of work has to be done to answer the 'relevance' or 'significance' question:

Let us attempt tentative answers, which can be refined after further research work :

Please do help by getting involved; your help doesn't have to be monetary, you can help in any of the following tasks . .

Some have offered ideas for making a video presentation and some have suggested that our cable TVs and Doordarshan, and BBC should present video features. . " I would like to have, if possible, a list of the archeological sites associated with Harappa and the Saraswati River which I could visit. I plan to show the slides and vedio recordings to other interested people to evoke their interest."

" We are a language news paper published from Bombay.  we are providing readers staying abroad a complete news paper through Internet Web Site. . please let us know if we can be of some help to you in your mission. "

We are sure you will be able to come up with more ideas and ways to spread the word around on how privileged we are to be the inheritors of our glorious traditions starting with the Vedas written by very dedicated people who lived on the banks of the Sacred Sarasvati River . .

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