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Sarasvati River:

The Sarasvati River Website is an action-oriented approach to a region in NW India which constitutes over 10 percent of India's land area. The area was drained by the Sarasvati River, the only river adored in the Rigveda as the best of mothers, best of rivers and best of goddesses, thus representing the locus of a great civilization sustained on the banks of a river which had carried the waters of the present-day Sutlej, Tons and Yamuna rivers.

The contents presented at the site are based on an interdisciplinary, people-centred watershed development approach. The site's mission is to improve awareness of the problems in three ecological zones of NW India (canal systems, semi-arid lands and salt-marshes) and suggest ideas which promote sustainability of watersheds and water-harvesting techniques. The site is intended to be a resource to schools and communities endeavouring to improve their quality of life.

The tasks are daunting and will require close liaison among business, government, community, and educational organizations across the country and even external voluntary agencies and professionals who sincerely want to support local efforts both for disseminating information and to get involved in technical guidance to progress the projects....

The site will be updated continually, based on comments from classrooms and from cross cultural partners. We look forward to receiving help through development and dissemination of educational materials to teachers, students, businesses, government, and community groups.

Sarasvati River Basin Watershed Development:

In association with various partners, the Sarasvati River Website is committed to communicating new methods for watershed analysis and new models for water-harvesting and watershed management in the Sarasvati River Basin.
We hope that the sharing of data and other perspectives is facilitated by computer networking provided at this Website.

Sarasvati River Website Network Goals:


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