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Definition of pictorials in inscriptions of the Harappan script

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The pictorials in inscriptions are composed of both signs and field symbols. Many signs of the script are clearly derivatives from pictorial motifs. For example, there are over 50 seals depicted in the Parpola pictorial corpus containing the motif, svastika as a field symbol. Similarly there are inscriptions containing the motif of a dotted circle which has not been recognized as a sign of the script by the corpus compilers.

See, for example, the seal m352 with dotted circles depicted on many sides:


Dotted circles appear on all sides of a seal or tablet (for e.g., M-352, M-1256, M-1260, H-128) or get inscribed on the ‘cult object’. Three dotted circles appear on the robe of the sculpture in the round of ‘robed priest’. A dotted circle is also depicted as the eye of a fish or hare (Fish: H-329, H-330 and Hare: H-335).  

Dotted circles also appear on ivory and other objects.

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