Dr. Melek Kavakcioglu

From: Hujada Magazine
Assyrian Federation of Sweden

Dr. Melek Kavakcioglu was born in 1949 in Midyat, Turkey. After the completion of his elementary and intermediary education he moved to the city of Elazig, to continue his studies in high school. It was here, in Elazig, that the revolutionary and progressive ideas first started to grow within him. While Dr. Melek studied medicine at the university of Istanbul, his natural abilities as a leader in the struggle against the oppression and persecution against his people were becoming more evident. In addition to the cultural and social activities, that were necessary for the national activities of our people, he participated in political activities that he thought were the only way to our freedom and liberation. Dr. Melek always dreamed of a day when he would be able to return home and live with his people whom he wished to serve. Unfortunately his dreams were not realized. When Dr. Melek finished his studies circumstances drastically changed. A military coup forced him to emigrate to Sweden, where he continued with his struggle. Here he began to fight against the social challenges brought on by mass immigration of our people to Sweden. Along with this he went on fighting for the human rights of his people in the homeland. During his final years he was active in the homeland committee, which he helped to establish. Dr. Melek's longing for the homeland was so strong that it intensified his work in the social and political field. He took this longing with him to the grave. Dr. Melek passed away quite unexpectedly on the 13th of January 1996 as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage and left a great void behind him.

Thousands of people were present at his funeral. Friends, family and relatives, came from all around the world to bid a last farewell to Dr. Melek.

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