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Chakram Sri Sri Bhagavan Shanku

Avatar of the Golden Age

Above is a picture from a Florida Newspaper that was sent along with an article titled "The Second Coming of Jesus." Some of you might recognize the symbolic form of the Sampoorna (total) Avatar, Kalki, in this picture. Kalki according to tradition is the tenth avatar or incarnation of Vishnu (Buddha was the ninth avatar of Vishnu). The symbolic form of Kalki is on a white horse wielding a sword. The Name Kalki literally means "The Annihilator of Ignorance." His Divine Mission is to close Kaliyuga, the Iron Age (one of 4 Yugas or time zones that mark the spiritual progression of mankind not the technical iron age), and usher in the Golden Age, a new period of peace prosperity and harmony. The current age Kaliyuga also called the age of darkness and ignorance. It is the most degenerate and fallen of the ages, characterized by a hardening of the spiritual core of mankind, an almost total lack of sacredness, and extreme materialism, as humans can no longer determine what is essential for living in this fallen age and what is irrelevant. The Antaryamin, or Indweller has been put to rest in the heart of mankind. Those of you with a New Age background may think of this Antaryamin as the Higher Self. An avatar is a being that comes to change the "truth". Edison was an avatar of science. The Beatles were avatars of music. A Celestial Avatar has a definate Divine purpose. One can see how the Christ changed the "truth" just in the first 2 words of the Lord's Prayer: "Our Father". In the Golden Age, in a gesture of Supreme Friendship, this Antaryamin, through an extenally stimulated action awakens the heart. Many have already been having such Profound Divine Mystical Experience. This experience, this personal encounter with Divinity in one form or another (Moses and the Thorn Bush is a well known example of such experience) is the one common denominator in the lives of all Saints, Sages, Mystics, and Prophets. It is so important to the evolution of the consciousness of mankind, for it is belief(ignorance and speculation) that separates, while discovery unites. Just see for a moment the sufferings of the saints and discoverers throughout time. How the nature of belief (ignorance) is to destroy anything that will shed a light on it for what it truly is.

Kalki's Divine Mission is to close Kaliyuga, the current age of darkness and ignorance and usherin the Golden Age, a new ten thousand year cycle of peace, prosperity and harmony. He is to liberate all of mankind from suffering and to bring enlightenment to all of mankind.

This picture will be very meaningful to those of you in touch with the dawn of the Golden Age which is a shift in consciousness as well as an astological occurence. The advent of the Kalki Avatar is a necessary component in this phenomena.

It is also interesting to note that in Siberia, there is a culture that closely mirrors that of Tibet.There is a ceremony where a statue of a horse is pulled through the streets. It is said that when harmony returns to mankind, Buddha will return riding the horse.

The question is this: Will Buddha or the Christ return when harmony has returned to mankind? If so how can will this harmony happen? Previous interventions from the Kingdom of Heaven can be likened to putting a lump of fine gold in a glass of water. The gold remains gold, and the water remains water. The next ncarnation, which is called the Sampoorna (total-meaning the incarnation of God or Supreme Consciousness on this planet)Avatar can be likened to putting a drop of yogurt in into a glass of warm milk. Soon all of the milk will be transformed into yogurt.

Man cannot transform himself. He can become highly reformed however, in his practicing of concepts such as love, kindness, honesty, etc. But true transformation is a result of Mystical Experience. You might say that transformation is a benediction.Another look into the lives of the saints, prophets and mystics would reveal all.

We are now in the throws of a mighty spiritual awakening, unprecendented in the history of human kind. People from all walks of life are walking and talking with God in a tangible form. Their hearts have truly flowered, and for them, Heaven has met Earth. They have entered the Golden Age which is a state of consciousness as well as an astrological event.

Other would say that this is not possible. That the old calendars say that the Golden Age won't "be here" for thousands of years. Currenetly there is heated debate in India as some experts have claimed to have found errors in the ancient calendars. This puts the date of the Golden Age very close to the end of the Mayan calendar.Thank you.Satyaloka, july, 2000.

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Vaddadi Srinivasa Rao


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