Major Sections

Introduction to Hindu Dharma

Dr. David Frawley
From The River of Heaven

Bansi Pandit :
Hindu Dharma

Dr. Gangadhar Choudhary :
Hinduism Simplified

Swami Murugananda
FAQ on Hindu Dharma

Swami Harshananda : 
Hinduism Thru Questions & Answers

A Hindu Monk :
What Every Hindu Ought To Know

Dr. Soneji (Shree Atmanandji)
Virtues (Sadhak and Sathi) a Jain book

Essentials of Sikhism

Hindu Universe > Dharma & Philosophy > Introduction to Hindu Dharma

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The Hindu Universe presents the most comprehensive collection of Hindu dharma related material on the net. Pre-eminent authors such as Dr. David Frawley, Shree Bansi Pandit, Swami Harshananda, Shree Atmanandji, Dr. Gangadhar Choudhary etc. have agreed to put their work on this forum for the benifit of the readers.

We are also fortunate to have Shree Bansi Pandit host a forum What is meant To b e a Hindu on Hindu Universe, where he answers questions about Hindu dharma.

We have also provided links to some outstanding external resources on the net. We hope that you find our offering enriching in your quest to learn about Hindu dharma.

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