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Defamation of Hindu
Culture and Symbols
For reasons that range from ignorance to mal-intention, Hindu symbols and icons have been grossly misused and abused.

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Hindutva or "Hinduness" is a guiding philosophy for Hindus in India, in the fields ranging from economics, politics to reconstruction of India after a thousand years of foreign occupation

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Shree Ramjanmabhoomi Movement Shree Krishnajanmabhoomi Movement
The movement for the construction of temple at the birthplace of Lord Shree Rama
has been foremost in the minds of Hindus in India.  This temple was destroyed by Babar, a foreign invader

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The temple at the birthplace of Lord Shree Krishna, in Mathura, India was destroyed by a foreign invader.  A movement is underway to reclaim the land and reconstruct this temple.


Human Rights
Seva (Service to Community)
The human rights of Hindus
in the several countries are repeatedly abused.

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Seva paramo dharma, or seva is the highest form of dharma, proclaim Hindu scriptures.  We have a complete website devoted to Seva, with complete listing of Hindu charities and non-profit organizations.  

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Terrorism Kashmir
Simple or Intricate designs in front of Hindu homes.

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Hindu minority in the Indian state of Kashmir has been driven out of their homes by the Islamic terrorists.

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