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Lord Krishna, one of the most important avatars of Lord Vishnu is universally worshipped by Hindus.  It was Lord Krishna who gave Bhagwad Gita to the world.  Today, the at the birth place of Lord Krishna stands a Masjid (Moslem place of worship), Shahi Mosque, instituted by a foreign invader who destroyed a magnificent temple that stood there for centuries if not more.  A Hindu movement is underway to reinstate this temple.   The following excerpt of a news story lends further credence to the Hindu claim

The Mathura administration has found clinching evidence which proves the Hindus' claim that the Shahi Mosque at Mathura was built over Shri Krishnajanmabhoomi temple.

According to the locals, on August 14 the local administration started digging in the courtyard of the mosque for construction of some rooms for the security staff. During the digging the labourers found stone pillars, carving and an idol of a Hindu God. They immediately reported that matter to the authorities.

As news of the recovery of the idol from the courtyard of the Shahi Mosque spread, senior police and administrative officials and members of Shri Krishnajanmabhoomi Trust reached the spot. The patron of the Trust, Shri Gopeshwar Chaturvedi, told this correspondent that during digging between August 14 and 17, besides carved stones and pillars, an idol of a Hindu God with a snake over its head was found.

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