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Prayer to Lord Vishnu (shaa.ntaakaaraM)

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S:at:akar B:j:g:S:y:n: p:n:aB: s:rS: .
ev::aD:ar g:g:n:s:dS: m:G:v:N: S:B:a .
l:xm:ikat: km:l:n:y:n: y::eg:eB:Dy:an:g:my: .
v:d ev:\N: B:v:B:y:hr s:v:l::kkn:aT:m: ..
shaa.ntaakaaraM bhujagashayanaM padmanaabhaM sureshaM .
vishvaadhaaraM gaganasadR^ishaM meghavarNaM shubhaaN^gaM .
lakshmiikaa.ntaM kamalanayanaM yogibhidhyaa.rnagamyaM .
va.nde vishhNuM bhavabhayaharaM sarvalokaikanaatham ..
I adore Lord Vishnu who is the embodiment of peace, who lies on the Shesha serpent, whose navel is the source of the Lotus, whose complexion is swarthy like the clouds, whose body shines with heavenly beauty, who is the beloved of Goddess Lakshmi, whose eyes are like Lotus, who is meditated upon by the yogis, who is the remover of the fear of the world-process.

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