Re: Hindu diet: some one please explain.

Dear Jamilyan,
In general, Hinduism does not specify dietary rules.

In the Ashtang-yoga practice, several good practices are specified for
purification of body, mind and soul.  This includes vegetarianism and
abstinence from various bhoga or desires.  In general, a Hindu is
supposed to attain "dharma" (religion), "artha" (wealth), "kama"
(desires) and "mokhsa" (attainment).  At different stages in ones life
and in different emphasis in one's life, one can follow dietary
practices that are suitable.

Hindus generally do not eat beef and are largely vegetarian.
Indian restaurants also rarely serve beef and may do so to cater to
non-Hindus for business reasons. 

The different sects arise from different practices or ways to reach
god.  It is just like speaking different languages but following same
religion.  For example, Rama and Krishna are 2 avatars or forms of  god
Vishnu.   Some Hindus may worship one form and the others the other.
The temples may be separate or one.  The devotional songs and the the
philosophy stated by Rama and Krishna is slightly diffferent on
(one on truth and devotion the other on karmayoga or pragmatism but
both empasize good values and dutifulness).  
Hope this clarifies some of the questions.
Vivek Sagdeo

In <490kg5$mua@babbage.ece.uc.edu> jamilyan@mindspring.com (DAD)
>I am not a Hindu, but I am very interested in your religion and
people. I have 
>heard that many Hindu's are pure vegetarians. Most Americans believe
>eat all meats except beef. Can some one clarify this for me?
>Also, I know that in many "Indian restaurants" they serve beef- is
>actually Pakistanni food?
>Also, if some one could let me know the philosophical reasonings
behind your 
>dietary beliefs, and clarify any differences among various Hindu
>Thank you in advance,

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