Re: rumours about Lord Ganesha drinking milk

>>I'm a devout hindu...i'm 17 and have played an active role in my
>>religion and still do
>>What confirms <to mee> that this was caused by cappilary effects is that
>>after the milk is absorbed/drunk, later the milk was found seeping out
>>from the bottom or wherever...no foul play of course BUT the milk had to

>This did not happen everywhere. In many places, the milk consumed was
>MUCH MORE than whatever milk could be found on the ground around the
>statues. That does not mean that something non-scientific happened. It
>simply means that our current understanding of science is not
>sufficient to explain what happened.

Just wanted to share my own experiences with "Murties" drinking milk..
It was a couple of weeks after I heard about Ganesh drinking milk...
My grandma then wanted to try for herself, so she went to her room with some
milk and a spoon and after oh..say 5 minutes, she comes running upstairs to
my room, saying Ganesha has been drinking (repeating and repeating..) now,
you should have seen how happy she was, but anyway, I was quite calm, since
it was already some time ago since this happened around the world..
Now, I guess she wanted to proof it to me, since I didn't see it...I have
a Krishna & Radha Murti in my room and so, she tried to let Radha drink...
well...guess what.....She WOULD NOT drink !....boy, I didn't know what to
tell her, she was very disapointed...anyway, she stood there a couple of
seconds, and then she turned to Krishna...AND HE DRUNK ! (3 spoons)...
I was totally amazed and happy by this, since I saw the milk disapear..anyway
, THEN she turned to Radha again...and she drank 2 spoons too !

Now, I don't know if science will ever be able to explain the drinking, but
I can't think of any (scientific) reason that a murti would first NOT drink
and then after a minute drinks 2 spoons ! Unless one can proove that
certain elements in nature seem to have a will of their own...but I really
don't think so :)

P.S. there where no particulair circumstances ie earthshocks or change of
temperature because of opening a window or whatever...

Anyone else experiences that not only Ganesha but other Gods have been
drinking too ?

>Sai Baba is reported to have said, 'I give you what you want, that one
>day you will want what I give'.

I understand that Sai Baba had told in advance that this would happen, he
also seems to have said that more miracles would follow...anybody knows
what's next ?


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