THE MOTHER by Adilakshmi: A Testament of Devotion

THE MOTHER by Adilakshmi: A Testament of Devotion

At critical junctures in history, remarkable Beings appear.  In the
presence of these way-showers, the path and pace of human evolution
is elevated and accelerated.

Mother Meera, a beautiful young woman from India, now residing in
Thalheim, Germany, is widely believed to be a direct emissary of
the Divine.  With the publication of an expanded version of the
previously out-of-print biography, The Mother -- compiled by Mother
Meera's long-time devotee and attendant, Adilakshmi Olati -- we now
have detailed evidence from multiple sources substantiating this

The Mother begins with vivid descriptions of the spiritual
experiences of the child, Kamala Reddy, born to a farming family in
Andhra Pradesh, India, on December 26, 1960.  For example,

"At six, She had Her first experience of Samadhi when She fell
senseless for a whole day, an experience which, She tells us,
taught Her complete detachment from human relations.  'From then
on, I knew myself to live only in the Divine and by the Divine's
will and help.' ... Such a detachment is usually the crown of a
lifetime's prayer and effort.  Mother knew it at six."

At the age of 8, Kamala went to live in the family home of her
uncle, Balgur Venkat Reddy.  Mr. Reddy, himself, was living in
Pondicherry at the time, at the ashram of Sri Aurobindo and Sweet
Mother.  When he returned in 1972, his observations of the then
twelve year old Kamala convinced him that the Divine Mother for
whom he had been searching his entire life was now in residence in
his very own home.

Mr. Reddy became the confidant and protector of Mother Meera,
carefully providing the atmosphere for her continued unfoldment,
diligently recording the narrative of Her transcendent experiences.
In The Mother we read accounts of Mother Meera's on-going journeys
through timeless dimensions, and meetings with realized beings on
other planes of existence.

Through this process -- despite often overwhelming consequences to
her own body -- Mother Meera steadily gathered to Herself the
power, strength, and blessings necessary to bring down to earth the
Light of Paramatman -- the Supreme Being -- and thereby to assure
the transformation of human consciousness.  As Mother Meera
explained in the book Answers:

"Like electricity, it [the Paramatman Light] is everywhere, but one
must know how to activate it.  I have come for that."

On a more mundane level, we discover that Mother Meera had no
traditional religious or spiritual training and never prayed or
meditated.  Her education was given directly by illumined masters
in invisible realms during the extended hours she spent in Samadhi.

Following this unique chronicle of the arduous preparations of an
avatar, glimpses are given of the human side of Mother Meera:
Through touching anecdotes She is shown to be an enormously
compassionate, courageous, spiritually potent, and yet
"down-to-earth" person -- with the capacity to acquire with ease
whatever skills she desires to learn.

The life of Mr. Reddy, "The Divine Messenger," is then briefly
sketched.  We learn that he was a devoutly spiritual being and an
ardent social reformer.  Admired by political figures as well as
divine personalities, Mr. Reddy served at one time as the tireless
assistant of Vinobha, a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi.

Because Answers offers Mother Meera's succinct responses to
frequently asked questions, this updated edition of The Mother
devotes only several pages to "Questions and Answers."  But the
issues raised and the replies given are sufficient to deepen one's
understanding of the spiritual path.

The majority of the book was actually written by individuals
wishing to share the experiences they have had with Mother Meera.
Their testimonials are extremely intimate and honest, exposing
doubts and inner darkness -- as well as greatly accelerated
processing and overwhelming gratitude.  They describe the
transforming power of Mother Meera's "darshan" (gift of grace)' and
offer observations of the Mother at work and play -- as an artist,
cook, seamstress, architect, construction worker, and gardener.

The first testimonial is written by the person who lives the
closest to Mother Meera -- Adilakshmi.  "I would very much rather
talk about Mother Meera than about myself," she writes. "My past no
longer exists for me."  Adilakshmi does briefly reveal that upon
receiving a master's degree from a university in India, she left
the secular world to search for God.

Through her spiritual practices and visions -- under the guidance
of Sweet Mother at the Sri Aurobindo ashram in Pondicherry --
Adilakshmi readily recognized the Divine in Mother Meera and
devoted herself in service with complete abandon and delight.  She
offers the assurance that "when we give ourselves truly to the
Divine, we are not giving anything really, but we are getting

The book is beautifully illustrated with black & white and color
photos of Mother Meera at various ages -- pictured by herself, and
with Mr. Reddy and Adilakshmi.  Mother Meera's huge, dark eyes are
so compelling and Her smile so sweet and open that many feel deeply
moved simply to behold her visage.  The Mother also contains two
color reproductions of Mother Meera's first paintings, inspired by
her deep love for Mr. Reddy (who died in 1985).

The back of the book offers information for communicating with
Mother Meera as well as directions for reaching her home in
Dornburg-Thalheim. A glossary of terms is also provided.

One of the most interesting and revealing features of The Mother is
found in the Epilogue.  This one page post script makes it very
clear that Mother Meera is not seeking disciples nor is she
offering a creed to which one must "convert."  She has no interest
in establishing ashrams or in being at the center of any spiritual
movement.  She avoids publicity and charges no money.

As Adilakshmi clearly explains, Mother Meera's work is to amplify
the Light of the Divine on this planet, while ours is to open to
this light completely.  Toward that end, She encourages people to
"pray to the Supreme directly," without any intermediaries; or,
else to pray through any "incarnation" with whom one feels the
greatest spiritual affinity.  All are One.

When we think of what it takes to heal a single human heart, and
then try to imagine the kind of power required to heal an entire
planet -- we are given some small measure of the love of The Divine
Mother.  According to every account recorded in The Mother, this is
the quality and potency of love available to us today through the
consciousness of Mother Meera.  To order, contact Mother Meera Book
Center in the U.S. at 310-394-2889.  A list of other books and
photos is available.

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