Questions on Hinduism

A friend asked me some questions that I am unable to answer. Any help
will be appreciated.

1. can you pls let me know something on 'nammakal' she is the god
who inspired ramanujun,greatest indian mathematician who
put forward modular function and indirectly put forward that
our universe existed in 10 dimension before the 'big bang'.

2. what does our religion says about dimensions?

3.what is the importance of number '10.'
4. what does our religion says on beginning of
our universe and also how it is going to end.is there any 
purpose of us being here and is death the end of us.
is time-space,matter-energy defined in our religion and
what to do they mean.

5. what is the meaning of pra-sakti or primodial energy?

6. why do we need such complex form of heaven?
define heaven as planets,milky way,cluster of bodies.

Some of the questions require specific information while others
require interpretation. I would like to be sure about the specifics
before trying to interpret the meanings.


   SV Singam
Minden, Penang

Truth, viewed from all angles, remains Truth.