Support-A-Child Program


The SUPPORT-A-CHILD Program of VHP, now in tenth Year, has reached a new milestone, of Serving over 590 Children in Sixteen (16) states of India. This unique Selfless service of needy children of the society started in 1985 with inspiration from Shri Vishnupuriji Maharaj of Parmarth Sadhak Sangh, Calcutta, India. In a short span of seven years many families from the USA are offering funds on a regular basis. These children are being supported on a long term basis at various facilities throughout India. We have rendered support to needy children through well established organizations working in the field of child support.

Long Term Committed Service

Support -A- Child Program of Parishad believes in serving through well established reputed organizations. Long term support of children over the short term aid to some students has been the Key factor of this program. Parishad emphasizes a wholesome and loving yet disciplined atmosphere for the process of development of these children. The management cost is a bare minimum, presently at a level of less then TWO(2) Percent.

Support-a-child programs are handled through a National office in Delaware for the coordination and accounting. In past TWO Years alone, an aggregate commitment of well over $250,000 for these children has been accepted. We have already collected and distributed funds in excess of $64,000 in the past Eight (8) years. Here is a snap shot of our services:

Here is a table showing no. of children supported through this project

Organizations in Bharat (India) Associated with Support-A-Child

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Your valuable support will strengthen our commitment to serve those needy and under previleged children in India. We welcome you to offer donations for this worthy service, in the state of your choice.

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