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HSC Environmental Awareness Project Presents: Vegetarianism

Hindu/Buddha/Jain Dharma and Vegetarianism

ARRS Maintains an excellent site on Vegetarianism.
Here is a link to their page Religion and Veg*anism/AR

Hinduism Today's Article on Ahimsa and Vegetarianism from Hindu perspective
presented here, also includes : How to win an argument against a meat eater!

Vegetarian Information

Here is a link Vegetarian FAQ by Vegetarian Society UK

And Here are some more FAQs

Here is an FAQ from Rec.Food.Vegetarian

You should not have to defend your food choices, but just in case you want to win an argument with a meat eater
here is a link!

We found a particularly useful collection of articles here

World Guide to Vegetarianism

How is it like to be in a slaughterhouse? Dave Gifford describes it.

Here is How Eggs Are Produced

Organizations Promoting Vegetarianism

Vegan Action Has a Very Nice Site on Vegetarian Resources

Vegetarianism in a Nutshell and Other Resources by Vegetarian Resource Group

Here are the resources from Toranto Vegetarian Association

Here is a link to vegetarian organizations on Internet

A good collection of Vegetarian Resources and a Beginers Guide, from Vegetarian Society, UK

Here are the Resources on Yahoo

Vegetarian Recepies and Sources

Vegetarianism : The Higher Taste Book by ISKCON

Cuisine From Karnataka

Cuisine From Tamilnadu

Vegetarian Recepies from Andhra Pradesh

A Searchable Vegetarian Cookbook

Environmental Awareness Resources

Prakash has a link to environmental awareness related articles in Bharat (India)