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Holi Program

              H I N D U   S T U D E N T S   C O U N C I L
                       INVITES YOU TO CELEBRATE

                         H O L I   U T S A V
                       (Indian Spring Festival)

                    ||                         ||
                    ||                         ||
                    ||  D A N D I A - R A A S  ||
                    ||                         ||
                    ||      9 P.M.-12 P.M.     ||
                    ||                         ||
                    ||                         ||

                       Preceded by discussions 

                          Dating And Marriage
                         (A Hindu Perspective)

                      Traditional Hindu Marriage
                           (An Explanation)
                         Significance Of Holi
                            6 P.M.-8 P.M.
                      ON SATURDAY, APRIL 2nd, 1994
                                BALL ROOM
                            WILLIAM PITT UNION
                         UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH
                             *ALL ARE INVITED*
                      **Refreshments Will Be Served**

                            ADMISSION IS $ 1.00
For More Information, Please contact:

Ajay Belambe              412-441-1315
Srikanta Mookerjee        412-372-3872
Abhishek Parekh           412-862-2983                      


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