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Hindu Genocide in South Asia


In secular and democratic India the first Hindu Genocidal activites have
been initiated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Over Half a million
Hindus have been ethnically cleansed by terrorist Islamic groups. Over
5000 Hindus have been murdered and many more maimed for life. 3000 Sikhs
were killed by political operatives and goondas of the Congress party.
In Assam the Hindu along the bordering districts have been kicked out by
Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh. The INDIAN STATE has laws which
discriminates against the Hindu. Hindu Institutions are not tax exempt,
Hindu temple property has been confiscated and management taken over by
the Government where corruption has become rampant. Hindu schools cannot
impart religious teaching in India if they get even a small subsidy
according to article 30. Hindu leaders are insulted by the state
repeatedly and Hindu Organizations are banned or prohibited to function
freely. Advertisements to Newspapers which carry Hindu point of view are
stopped. Jobs denied to persons working for Hindu organizations. 100000
Hindus were imprisoned for 18 months for opposing GOVERNMENT
SENSORSHIP autocratic rules. An overall atmosphere of ANTI HINDU STATE
TERROR has been created.

Pakistan which had a Hindu population of over 23 % in 1950 has rid
itself of its Hindu population by its policies and encouragement of
HINDU GENOCIDE. Today Islamic Republic of Pakistan has less than 1 %
Hindus who are living under fear. So far over 650 cases of Temple
destruction and attacks have been documented since 1947 to 1993.
Thousands of other Shaiva, Vaishnav and Sikh temples, Gurudwaras in
rural areas have been systematically destroyed. By a conservative
estimate by the year 2010 any trace of Hindu culture in Pakistan will be
totally eliminated.

 The Islamic Republic of Bangladesh which has over 15% Hindus in
1993 is slowly encouraging and adopting policies to assist its Muslim
Fundamentalists to continue the HINDU GENOCIDE. The silence by
secularists over this issue is frightening and disgusting. Hindus who
are made the guinea pigs of an experiment called Secularism in India. In
Bangladesh the Secular Hound dogs have fed the rabid Islamic
Fundamentalists with the high protien diet of Hindu flesh. Over the last
2 decades alone in Bangladesh before Ayodhya over 300 Temples have been
completely destroyed. In the book "Hindu Temples What happened to Them"
by Arun Shourie and Sitaram Goel a partial list of Destroyed Hindu temples is

Taslima Nasreen in her book has shown great courage by exposing the
atrocities perpetrated by Islamic Fundamentalists in Bangladesh on the
helpless Hindu population. She has already  been threatened by a death
threat and has already buckled under pressure by saying that she has
made mistakes in her book "LOJJA".

But for Secularist Fundamentalists in India and in America here is a
list of Newspaper references about the Hindu Annihilation carried out by
Bangladeshi Islamic Fundamentalists. The world and the Hindus themselves
have forgotten their own sufferings. While HALF A MILLION HINDUS are
refugees in Secular India, 20 milion Hindus are living in virtual death
sentence in Islamic BAngladesh.

Incidents of atrocities against Hindus in last 2 years alone:

1. Ajker Kagoj 11 September 1991: Incident of Kotalopara eclipses
                                  medieval barbarism
2. Bhorer Kagoj 9 December 1992 : Several areas in Bhola transformed
                                  into a wasteland: 10,000 families
                                  rendered homeless.
3. Probashi 29 January 1993     : Take steps to rehabilitate the victims
                                  of pogrom.
4. Probashi 18 December 1993    : News of communal attacks in Bangladesh:
                                  Large scale violence in Sylhet.
5. Probashi 11 December 1993    : Seven hundred houses burned to ashes.
                                  Seven hundred families now living under sky.
6. The Daily Azadi 9 Dec. 1992  : Yet another round of attack on Jaliya para;
                                  all the villagers fled for fear of life.
7. Dainik Purbakon 12 Dec. 1992 : Looting and arson: 300 houses burned to
                                  the ground; over a hundred injured.
8. Dainik Azadi 8 December 1992 : Unruly people launches attack on the minority
                                  hinu community in Kutubdia: arson and looting
                                  leaves over 300 injured.
9. Bhorer Kagoj 12 Dec. 1992    : Violence continues; 700 houses reduced to
                                  ashes in Chittagong.
10. Dainik Purbokon 11 Dec. 1992: Attacks and arson in Fatikchari; one dead
                                  in Cox's Bazar.
11. Bhorer Kagoj 11 Dec. 1992   : Incidents of attacks and arson occured
                                  yesterday too.
12. Banglar Bani 10 Dec. 1992   : Gun fight in Chittagong: 3 wounded.
13. Banglar Bani 10 Dec. 1992   : In Bhola several hundred people armed with
                                  axes and shovels launched attack: Laxminarayan
temple destroyed: many rendered homeless.
14. Dainik Azadi 12 Dec. 1992   : Many houses set ablaze in various areas
15. The Daily Ittefaque 12 Dec.
                          1992  : 50 injured in Chittagong.
16. Probashi 25 Dec. 1992       : Six children burned to death in Cox's Bazar.
17. The Daily Star 8 Dec. 1992  : Hundred injured, temples damaged across
                                  the country.
18. Dainik Purokon 24 Oc. 1992  : Attack on the Christian neighborhood at
                                  Malumghat: 50 injured in clashes with

It is time we tell the whole world the Psuedo Secularism practiced by
this elitist and intellectually and mentally bankrupt group has been the

This is the comment of a Bangladeshi Hindu -

Why we don't fight for our dignity? Because we
don't want to make our fate worse from
bad. See the fate of Taslima Nasreen. She spoke for
others. Had she been from the minority community
just imagine what could have happened.
                        A Hindu from Islamic Republic of Bangladesh

This is the comment of a Indian Muslim -

Hindus practice Secularism because they are cowards and are afraid of
the Muslim countries.         Syed Shahabuddin - Member of Parliament
                                 Secular and Democratic Republic of India


Mohan Walia-----
Punjabi Hindustaani from 
Lahore, Occupied West India

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