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KANCHI Ghatikasthana Library

			KANCHI  Ghatikasthana Library
            Centre for Learning Research and Information on Bharatiya Culture

Among the centres of ancient Bharatiya culture, Kancheepuram, the celebrated 
city (`Nagareshu Kanchi'), stands unique as a centre of historical, cultural, 
literary and educational importance. Epigraphs point to Ghatikas (educational 
institutions) as having flourished with thousands of students, in Kanchi. 
Besides, Kanchi is associated with great religious preceptors like 
Sankaracharya and Ramanujacharya.

To protect our ancient culture in its pristine glory, to make Kanchi thrive 
as in the past and in memory of the Sarvajna Sankara, His Holiness Sri 
Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham has initiated an educational complex,
like the old Ghatikas, in a campus of about 100 acres, at Enathur, a village 
adjacent to Kancheepuram city and about 75 KM from Madras. In this centre, 
institutions for the study of the following will be established:

The four Vedas, Ayurveda, Dhanurveda, Gandharvaveda, Arthashastra, Vedangas, 
Veda Bhashya and Shastras. Besides, centres for study of Temple architecture, 
for training Temple Priests, for research studies in comparative religions and
different systems of philosophy find place in the project. A college of Arts 
and Sciences is already functioning in the campus since 1991. A large library 
is going to be set up in the near future and a cultural museum will be 
established later.

Library: The proposed library will house rare works, in as many as ten Indian 
languages and other languages, having a bearing on Vedic literature, Shastras 
and diverse subjects such as Religions, Astronomy, Astrology, Philosophy, 
Architecture, Fine arts, etc. There will be an audio-visual section 
disseminating knowledge regarding Temples, Temple architecture, Iconography 
and Epigraphy. Palm leaf and paper manuscripts of rare, old works will be 
collected and housed in a separate wing of the library.

Devotees of Sri Adi Sankara, citizens and business concerns interested in the 
preservation of our hoary culture, are requested to contribute liberally 
towards this noble cause and obtain the grace of Sri Adi Sankara and 
blessings of the Acharyas.

Those who possess rare, old books (in good condition) and manuscripts, if 
willing, may send the volumes to 

Sri Sankaracharya Math, 
1, Salai Street, 
Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu 631502.

Indian Overseas Bank has undertaken to serve for this noble cause, by 
accepting donations for the Library fund of the Ghatikasthana. Donations to 
the fund can be sent by cheque, 

D.D. or M.T. in favor of 
Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham Charitable Trust (Library) 
Account S.B. A/C 3100 to Indian Overseas Bank, Ennaikara Street, Kancheepuram 
631501, Tamil Nadu, India.

For more information, please contact: 

Srinivasan Iyengar iyengar@vertex.com  or
Lalitha Subramanian lalitha@aol.com

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