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Re: HT:Global_Dharma

Regarding the Delhi Cow Slaughter ban:

What is the motivation behind banning only the slaughter of cows?
I have always found it hypocritical for people to abstain only
from beef and at the same time eat with great relish chicken,
lamb, turkey, and a variety of other meats.  Is not the reason
the slaughter should be stopped the concern for the feelings and
lives of the cows? Such narrow "ahimsa" is no ahimsa at all. It
would be comical if it weren't so philosophically dishonest.

How silly it is for people to prove that the meat they are eating
is not beef! As if non-cow creatures such as horses, for example,
are less important in terms of their lives.

I suspect the main motivation for this is political, and not any
true religious or moral ethic.


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