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HSC-San Fransico

                          Hindu Students Council

Bay Area chapter of HSC held the first meeting on May 1, Sunday. The meeting
was attended by 4 college and 12 high school students. It was held
at Milpitas Community Centre. The session started with Yoga for half an hour,
followed by a discussion on 'What we understand about Hinduism'.  At the end,
Sanskrit conversation was taught for 20 minutes.

There was lots of enthusiasm to know in-depth about our culture and
heritage. All the students planned on how to go about contacting friends
for the next meeting and also distributing flyers. 

This is probably the first chapter of HSC, which has more high school students.
Any ideas and suggestions from your experince are welcome.

* If you know any of your friends in Stanford University or UC Berkeley, please
* let us know.  

- Venkatesha Murthy

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