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(fwd) The VHP of America - Some information

       			 The VHP - What is it

1) The VHP of America Inc is a independent Registered Organization in
   America for over 20 years.
2) It has its own constitution here in the United States.
3) It has been working with corporate America for over 15 years.
   American companies have been advertising in VHP of America programs for
   alomst the same time.
4) It is a huge Organization with over 30 to 40 different chapters with
   membership running in to thousands.
5) Its last program was attended by well over 10,000 Hindus in Washington
   DC in 1993 after the Dec. 6th 1992 Ayodhya event. (I was there)
6) Its activities range from social service to youth camps to lectures
   on Hinduism and yoga workshops.
7) It has social service projects that it supports in india which
   include sponsor a child, illiteracy projects, rural development,
   disaster relief.
8) It sent over  $ 300,000 for earthquake relief last year to
   Maharashtra (Killari earthquake)
9) The VHP of America has a project "Hindu University of America" which
   has made a humble beginning last year.
10) Over 5000 youth born and raised in America have participated in VHP
    organized camps in America.

Now about the VHP of India.
Everybody knows about the VHP's leading role in creating one of the
worlds largest mass movements. But what has gone unnoticed and
unmentined is the huge amount of social service and social reform work
that the VHP in India is performing in the background. Here is a list
that I obtained from a friend in Bombay.

1) The VHP today runs over 5000 different social service projects run by
 full time volunteers, sadhus, temple trusts, etc. These projects include
 educational and vocational training centers for widows, women whose
 husbands have left them and women who have left abusive husbands. Adult
 literacy projects, educational and cultural Kendras (centers) in tribal
 areas and in slums in cities, etc etc.
2) Training programs for priests to improve their service quality to
   devotees. This includes courtesy, cleanliness, meaning of rituals, etc.
3) Schools to make priests. Interesting fact is that 50 % of these would
   be priests are from lower castes. (two thumbs up for VHP).
4) Programs to convey the message of unity of all different sects of
5) Involvement of the Sadhus and Sants in the gigantic task of social
 reform. This includes the caste system, dowry related problems and other
 such issues.
Example - In gujarat the VHP had a program called Kesh, kangan and
 kumkum. In which the widows were urged and educated to have kesh (no
 mundan), kangan and kumkum. This novelprogram by the VHP without any
 yelling and shouting unlike our progressive comrades was met with great
6) Repair of old temples and collect finances to maintain regular temple
 services like pooja and aarti etc.

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To the netters, 
the pseudo secular and Marxist target is not the VHP but the entire
Hindu society. The VHP is their first target in their propaganda
campaign. I wouldnt be surprised that these anti National and radical
Secularists will go after other Hindu Organizations, religious leaders
and ideals soon. Is it not time to wake up and challenge the lies and
propaganda of these ideologues of Marxism. How long will the Hindu give
excuses not to take this propaganda challenge. If not challenged now
India and the Hindu culture will soon become an extinct culture like the
Parsees. Remember what happened to them. Remember the fate of Hindus in
Kashmir. Remember the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Sindh and Punjab.
Remember the state of Hindus in Islamic Bangladesh. 

Stop giving excuses for inaction. Challenge the propaganda and lies of
Pseudo Secular Marxist individuals. 

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