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Re: Lefties and hinduism

In article 1v4@ucunix.san.uc.edu, kmanoj@po.EECS.Berkeley.EDU (Manoj Khiani) writes:
>Yo all,
>	Lefties and hinduism don't seem to mix....what's the deal with
>taking everything with your right hand.....it seems stupid to me.....
>maybe it'll start some discussion here....we need it.  Apparently, we're
>all pretty lazy....

A few comments...
1. Left hand is traditionally used for cleaning the posterior
    in the Indian cluture, and therefore is not used for
    holy purposes like Offerings.
2. The word "right" (as in left-right) comes from "right" 
    (as in right-wrong) - more people usd their right hand 
    as opposed to left for most applications, and hence it
    was considered the "correct" hand. There's nothing
    stupid about people expecting things to be done the way
    most people do (why would gays have to fight for their 
    rights otherwise?)


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