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Life of Sri Ramanuja: A play in English

/doc/misc/tamil/iramanuja.play	A play in English

This play is based on the book: aRpudhar Ramanujar, (a Tamil play) by
T.P.Ramanujam, Saiva Siddhantha nool padhippagam, 346 pages. August 1993.

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Sri Ramanuja (born.1017 A.D, died.1137 A.D) is the second in the line of three
saints of India who made a lasting contribution to the revival of Hinduism.
His contribution to the philosophy is well recognized today. However, his
social reforms are not that commonly known to everybody.

It has been recorded that he allowed people of all castes to join his
matam. He also took the first step towards opening the temples to the
so called untouchables, whom he named as "thiru kulaththaar" (God's
people). He brought the Tamil worship from outside to inside the temples.

There are evidences to show that there were at least three
attempts on his life.

First murder attempt was by "Yadava Prakasha", a advaita(smartha) Brahmin guru.
He later, surrendered to Ramanuja. He was renamed Govinda Jeer and
composed "yati dharma samuchyam" in Sanskrit.

The second attempt was by "amudhanaar", a vaishnava Brahmin priest. He too
repented for his deed and later wrote "iraamaanuja nooRRandhaadhi" in Tamil.

The third attempt was by the Chozha King of Chidambaram. He succeeded
in killing Ramanuja's teacher "Periya nambi" and blinded his disciple
"koorath aazhvaan".

This condensed translation is by K. Srinivasan. 1109 Pl.Gaboury, St.Bruno,QC
J3V 5X4 Canada. Internet: srini@ireq.hydro.qc.ca    April 30, 1994.

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