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Hindu Students Council (HSC) in Bay Area

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                   Hindu Students Council in Bay Area

If you are a high school or college student in the Bay Area, here is an unique
opportunity  to learn more about  Hindu  culture, Yoga  and  also    Sanskrit.
Bay Area chapter of Hindu  Students  Council(HSC) meets every first and third
Sunday of the month starting from May 1st.  About 15  students(10 high school 
and 5 college) met last  Sunday(24 May) and decided on the details of meeting.

                    TIME: 11AM - 12.30PM 
Various activities in the meeting include 
  Yoga (20 minutes), 
  Discussion on Hinduism (30 min) and 
  Sanskrit class (30 min). 

The topics for discussion for the next 5 meetings are as follows:
    5/1  - Why HSC and What do we know about Hinduism.
    5/15 - Introduction to Hinduism
    6/4  - Hindu Gods and Goddesses
    6/18 - Hindu Festivals
    6/25 - Question and Answers session with Swami Chidanandaji
    [Note: July 3rd is a long weekend. So, the meeting will be held on
    June 25 instead]

For more information, please contact:
Venkatesh Murthy (415-926-6925) 

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