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Re: Request for Information

In article <2q6ot1$isf@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Edward Randolph  <eran@jabba.Cybernetics.NET> wrote:
>Dear Mr. Shah,
>For the past few years I have been ardently studying the Hindu scriptures 
>as part of a personal quest for spiritual development and enlightenment.  
		[ ............ ]
>Best regards,
>Ed Randolph   (eran@cybernetics.net)

Hi Ed,

	Nice to know you.  Only over the recent past few years, I had the
tremendous urge to to know more about my own religion and culture.  After
reading some translations, what I found more serious were what are called
as Gorakpur editions.  There are quite a few translation from published
by Motilal Jalan at the Gita Press, Gorakpur.  They are very cheap and 
affordable in India.  They are more eloborate like if it is Ramayana, all
24,000 verses would be there, etc.

	I got my books from India.  Though I havent got any in US, I saw
last week a posting in this net about somebody in US who could get it for
you.  It appeared in the same newsgroup.  You can check that out.  I am
not able to recall it.  Maybe somebody can post it.  In the meantime,
good luck with your efforts.


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