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Reg. Dating of Lord Vishnu's Avatar's....

In article <2lo121$sdc@ucunix.san.uc.edu> lokes@selway.umt.edu (Lokeswara Rao) writes:
>We know the Sri Krishna came about 5000 years ago. 3000 B.C.
>How about the other avatars. Anybody can give an historic estimate?

Namaskar Lokeswaraji:

Indeed did Lord Vishnu blessed humanity by assuming Krishna avatar, which
was around 3000 B.C. The correct date of the initiation of the Mahabharat
War, as agreed upon by many pandits, is 3138 B.C. It is stated in the
Puranas as well as in the Mahabharat text itself that the War occured at
the end of Kaliyuga - and this yuga commenced with the Lord's death. The 
date of Kaliyug happens to be 3102 B.C, 20 September (I do not remember the
exact time.)

However, one scholar. Dr.Vartak has calculated the date of the Great War
to be 5561 B.C. He has supported his claim using a variety of references,
archaeological, literary, etc. Though this date is plausible, it has not
been verified by other scholars.

As for Shri Ram's date of birth, the above scholar calculates it to be
4th December 7732 B.C, which happens to be in the last phases of 
the Treta Yuga. Some other scholars believe it to be around 4500 B.C. 
However, substantial evidence for this date is not available.

The 9th Avatar of Lord Vishnu, Bhagwan Gautam Buddha, propagated his
8-fold path to Nirvana around the year 1850 B.C. That is, Prince
Siddhartha was born in the year 1888 B.C. and attained Niravana
in 1808 B.C. It is known that Bhagwan Gautam Buddha lived for
80 years.

Some of the followers of Aadi Shankara believe him to be Lord Shiva
Incarnate. This man of remarkable intellect happened to flourish in    
509 B.C. He traveled country-wide propagating the Advaita Philosophy.
He went as far as Nepal, and was present at the court of Raja Ravi
Varma (?) who was the king of Nepal at that time. Later on, Aadi
Shankaracharya established four (4) Peeth's in four directions - 
Shrungeri (South), Kedar (North), Jagganathpuri (East) and  Dwaraka

Parashurama, the slayer of SahasrarArjun, preceded Shri Ram. The date
of his existence can be reckoned from the Pauranic chronology.

Hope this helps ...



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