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Babri Structure/Mosque cannot be rebuilt! Part 1/2

One central truth about Ayodhya, which has been almost settled after Dec.6
incident, or has been accepted by almost the entire nation, is that there did
exist a Hindu temple on the site where the Babri structure stood. Though some
people including politicians of all hues for various reasons may not admit this
truth in public, but they know that now there is incontrovertible and conclu-
sive evidence of all type to prove that there did exist a Hindu temple devoted
to Lord Rama/Vishnu at the site where Babri structure was erected, and further
evidence points to the fact that the temple was demolished at the behalf of
Babur, and with its material the mosque was built. Now the nation awaits for
the Supreme Court to announce its verdict to put the final seal on the FACT

In this matter, another truth which is slowly but surely dawning on everybody
on both sides of the tussle, is that THE BABRI STRUCTURE/MOSQUE CANNOT BE
REBUILT AT THE SAME SITE. The bombshell which was dropped by the home minister
on Dec.6, 1993 in the parliament, that either he or the prime minister never
stated/promised that the Babri structure/mosque shall be built at the same site
had really caught the Babri zealots offgaurd. There was almost turmoil in the
parliament. And now the media (pro and anti Ayodhya) has been making all kinds
of speculation and motivation on this clarification/announcement. One only
wished that had Mr Rao had the courage to make this clarification in
his Dec.6 1992 address to the nation, the nation would have spared to witness
the violent outburst in the aftermath of the demolition. His announcement that
the "BABRI MOSQUE' shall be rebuilt had worked like fuel in the fire on both

And now another interesting truth is emerging and being reluctantly
accepted by Congress(I), and other anti-Ram temple groups, that there was no
mosque in Ayodhya which was demolished on Dec. 6, 1992. This is evidently clear
from the various double meaning statements of the Prime Minister on this
particular aspect. On 15th August he calls this structure as Babri Mosque which
would be protected at all costs, on Dec.6, 1992 evening again he calls that
the demolished Babri mosque shall be rebuilt, however, the government white
paper described the disputed structure all through its 110 pages as "Ramjanam
Bhoomi - Babri mosque disputed site, the cases filed in the courts against
Hindu leaders also call it as RJB-BM disputes site, the Congress manifesto
for the recent concluded state elections also calls it RJB-BM disputed site,
in his inaugration speech at Lucknow Mr Rao stated: what had been demolished
shall be rebuilt (no mention of mosque or structure or babri etc.). When the
reporter drew his attention that he had called the structure as Mosque in the
past and now he is avoiding calling it a mosque, Rao replies that this is not
the time and place to call it as 'MOSQUE'. Is it a new realisation or has he
got courage now only to speak the truth; one wonders!

And finally the nemesis of the Ram Temple and the savior of Babri Masjid/Struc-
ture, Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav who had duped/cheated (an art in which he is
really becoming the inspirer and giving legitimization to a entire generation
of young students) the Muslim voters by his promise that 'if he can protect the
Babri Masjid, he can also rebuilt it' (from his election speeches delivered in
the Muslim dominated areas), now is dodging the entire issue by making a
statement that this issue will be settled amicably (whatever that means), but
no more commitment after assuming the office of Chief Minister 2nd time, that
he shall rebuilt the Mosque, whether at the same site or an alternative site.

Therefor the second truth of Ayodhya: BABRI MOSQUE/STRUCTURE CANNOT BE REBUILT
AT THE SAME SITE, is also dawning slowly but surely on everyone. Now one
wonders what is so different between this view which most of the anti-Temple
crowd (barring the Leftist parivar, a segment of JD parivar, and ofcourse the
discredited and fundamentalist Muslim leadership) has been propagating now
(though with caution and lot of reluctance) from the one held for years by
pro-temple groups?

In this context the following article would be quite interesting and a warning
signal for all.

Dinesh Agrawal...

(To be continued...Next: No power on earth can rebuild Babri)

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