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research info request

  In preparation for my doctorate thesis, I am now collecting
  information. I would appreciate any and all commentary,
  specifically in finding citations from obscure publications,
  bibliography reference lists and/or quotable personal
  experiences on any of the following items:

  --General Heading: Meditation.

  --The use of meditation as a spiritual experience.

  --The use of meditation as a health improvement tool.

  --Religions that overtly use meditation as part of the
    religious practice.

  --Religions that covertly use meditation, disguised as ritual
    or other trancing techniques, as part of the religious

  --Religions that place taboo or prohibitions on meditation.

  --Healing techniques that overtly use meditation in some form.

  --Healing techniques that covertly use meditation disguised as
    something else.

  --Public opinion about the value/effect of meditation.

  --Descriptions of meditation techniques.

  --Studies on the success/failure of meditation techniques.

  --Reports on the most common difficulties of meditators
    learning to meditate.

  --Reports on the most successful aids to learning meditation.

  --Religious "Sacred Book" references to meditation.. any
    religion, pro or con.

  The above list is intended as a guide to the type of
  information that I am looking for, but I welcome any inclusions
  of similar or related topics. Individuals are welcome to
  comment on their personal experiences with anything on the

  For the more obscure pieces, especially from the "Sacred Books"
  of non-traditional religions, or limited circulation magazines,
  I would truly appreciate anyone sending relevant quoted text,
  together with complete bibliography notes and page number
  reference (academic standard).

  Also, individuals willing to be part of the study group are
  welcome to contact me at this time... though the details of the
  study are not complete, it will generally be for non-meditators
  to learn to meditate; and for experienced meditators to try a
  new technique. There will be no cost, but also no pay for
  participation....strictly volunteer!

  As it is impossible for me to scan every area daily for
  responses to this... I would ask that replies be sent to me
  directly via e-mail or NetMail... addresses are below.

  Thank you in advance... an infinite number of drops it takes to
  fill the oceans... yet, every drop counts.

Bright Blessings....
Life, Live it to the fullest....
Conscious Action IS Karma Yoga......
Be Well...
           ...And So It Is!
                                Rev Steve @)>--`-,--`---

Internet:  steve.kalinowski@satalink.com  |Rev. S.J. Kalinowski,Msc.M.
FidoNet:   1:273/203   or   1:273/231     |POBox 453-L
           to: steve.kalinowski           |Langhorne, PA 19047-0453
  Metaphysical Minister/Holistic Astrologer ** 215\396-0946

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