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Re: Pakistani mind and its ambition

In article <2lr5p5$odd@ucunix.san.uc.edu> Dinesh Agrawal <DXA4@PSUVM.PSU.EDU> writes:
>The Ruler Syndrome
>By Mr. D. N. Mishra
>Observer, February 18, 1994
>    The recent rejoinder to Mr KR Malkani's article, published in an English
>daily in Islamabad, by one Tarik Jan of Rawalpindi reflects the malaise of
>(Stuff deleted to save bandwidth.) 
>to democracy , secularism and nationalism. Democracy demands participation of
>every citizen in governance. Dar-ul-Islam does not allow for this right to
>non-believers. There are only a few Islamic democracies. The rights of non-
>believers there are inversely proportional to the grip of the fundamentalists
>over the state. Unlike Christianity, Islam could not distance its clergy from
>the seat of power in the absence of any reformation movement, leaving the
>ruler syndrome intact.
Very enlightening article indeed. But, my question is, we, as Hindus,
would talk about our religion, try to explain its greatness to others,
and yet, why it is that we would not talk about finding solutions to problems 
like the ones mentioned by Dinesh? I am not saying that we should not discuss 
religion. All I am saying is, we ought to discuss solutions to our 
problems too. In other words, just words are not enough.
Some so called secularists (who frequent soc.culture.indian)
might retort by saying that the fundamentalists are trying to instigate 
people by generating fear in their minds. I would say that such articles 
should be posted, since they bring out the facts that would otherwise stay 
unrevealed. It is upto the people how to perceive them.  
The opinions I wrote above are mine only.

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