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Re: gods

KEN STUART (KEN.STUART@tigerteam.org) wrote:
: Hinduism Today magazine says that Hinduism is basically the religion of
: the Vedas.  Since the Upanishads are part of the Vedas, then Hinduism is
: thereby monotheistic.  The various "deities" are just different aspects
: of the one God.

True, but I think that those who consider more than one "Hindu" deity part
of their beliefs don't practice this.  That is, they might know that each
diety represents different aspects of the same god but that is not really
emphasized in that each diety is treated differently and worshipped for
different reasons.  I'm inclined to say that this might be due to the
decline of the Vedas, but I can't prove that the Vedas have, indeed,
"declined".  Maybe someone with more knowledge about the Vedas' influence
can answer this...

So technically, it's monotheistic, but for those that do worship different
gods, I think it could be viewed as polytheistic.


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