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Re: Reg. Dating of Lord Vishnu's Avatar's....

Prasad Gokhale (f0g1@jupiter.unb.ca) wrote:

: The 9th Avatar of Lord Vishnu, Bhagwan Gautam Buddha, propagated his
: 8-fold path to Nirvana around the year 1850 B.C. That is, Prince
: Siddhartha was born in the year 1888 B.C. and attained Niravana
: in 1808 B.C. It is known that Bhagwan Gautam Buddha lived for
: 80 years.

: Some of the followers of Aadi Shankara believe him to be Lord Shiva
: Incarnate. This man of remarkable intellect happened to flourish in    
: 509 B.C. He traveled country-wide propagating the Advaita Philosophy.
: He went as far as Nepal, and was present at the court of Raja Ravi
: Varma (?) who was the king of Nepal at that time. Later on, Aadi
: Shankaracharya established four (4) Peeth's in four directions - 
: Shrungeri (South), Kedar (North), Jagganathpuri (East) and  Dwaraka
: (West)...

I have heard that Adi Shankaracarya preached Advaita philosophy because
it appealed to Buddhists to accept the Vedas and the Vedic authority
on spiritual matters, but that this philosophy was not necessarily 
complete. I think that, according to this theory, Advaita was more
appealing to Buddhists who did not believe in a personal God, and so
Advaita philosophy today is merely a remnant of an incomplete form of
Vedic teachings intended to keep people faithful to the Vedas. 

I was just curious if anyone knew more about this or had also heard
the same.



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