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Gour Govinda Sw. Tour

Renown speaker Gour Govinda Swami from Orissa will
be touring and speaking in the USA this June.  Subjects
included- Sannyasa, Krishna bhajan, transcendental humor.
Friday June 3rd - Vallejo CA. 707-552-5649
Saturday June 4th - Berkeley CA. ISKCON
                     2334 Stuart St. 510-540-9215
Saturday June 5th - Berkeley CA. ISKCON
Call Sadhananda Dasa at 619-270-0621 for address
of the following events-
 Vancouver BC May30-31st
 Portland OR June 1st
 Eugene OR June 2nd
 Berkeley CA June 3rd-5th
 Los Angeles CA June 6th-9th
 Fullerton CA June 9th eve.
 San Diego CA June 10th-13th
 Tuscon AZ June 14th-15th
 NewTalavan MS June 15th-17th
 Atlanta GA June 18th-20th
 Hartford CT June 21st
 New York NY June 22nd-23rd
 Towaco NJ June 23rd
 Queens NY June 24th
 Freeport NY June 25th
 New York NY June 26th

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