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Gita - Introduction


Thanks to Mrs. Jayashri to start the postings on Gita in this network.
I hope to see many different points on this useful discussion.
Here are some of my questions. I would appreciate if someone can answer



All the questions are based on the content of the article
``INTRODUCTION'' to Gita by Mrs. Jayashri Ravishankar.

Question 1: Who is the right teacher in a disciplic succession?
      At the present time there are many teacher who have different
      interpretation of Gita. In that case who gives the right
      meaning to the contents of Gita? Or each one gives a partial
      interpratation of the whole subject? Is there any guideline
      to decide this? Or is it left to the individuals to decide
      based on their own guidelines?

Question 2:  Why is it necessary to accept Bhagabat Gita without
             interpretation ?
      Bhakti Yoga, as mentioned in Gita may need this. Does it also
      necessary from Jnana Yoga and Raja Yoga point of view?
      If something has to be accpted without interpretation, then
      what is the weight of the substance?


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