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Savitri Amavasya

Saavitree Amaavasyaa

Savitri Amavasya is a festival similar to Karvaachauth and Teej.
It will fall on Wednesday June 8.

The story goes that Saavitree fall in love with Satyavaan who has been
cursed to die within one year. She is warned of this and even then
insists upon marrying him.  On the fateful day, Yamadev appears and
takes Satyavaan with him. Saavitree follows Yama for three days
through the jungle (eating only what the jungle had to offer - fruits,
roots, etc.) in an attempt to revive her husband. Yama is pleased with
her devotion towards Satyavan and offers her three boons EXCEPT
Satvaan's life. She is not satisfied with the three boons and finally
Yamadev surrenders to her wish and restores Satyavaan's life.

This is all I remember and now I have a couple of requests of those
who are more knowledgeable than I am - (1) to fill in the details for
everyone on the net and (2) to refer me to the specific scripture
where this story is told.  Reading the story is part of the
celebration and fasting on Saavitree Amaavasyaa and a friend of mine
wants to get a text of the story.


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