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Reg Madhya Kailash Temple (Madras)

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>From ravi@radiance.com Mon May 16 14:23:15 1994
Date: Mon, 16 May 94 11:33:34 -0700
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Subject: Madhya Kailash Temple (Madras)
From: Ravi.Raj@radiance.com (Ravi Narasimhan Raj)
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This mail message is meant to be an FYI. There's a temple (called Adi
Anantha Prabhu Temple -- Madhya Kailash) next to IIT Madras (opposite CLRI).
It is a Shivite/ Vaishnavite temple and the deities in the temple include
Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Ganesha.

The temple is currently being renovated and the renovation is expected
to cost around Rs. 78,000. Though money has been pouring in from contributors
in Madras, they are still a little short of the final amount required to
open the renovated temple to the public by early July.

The amount required is not a very large amount. If you'd like to contribute
to this cause, even a very small amount (like $2, $3 or $5) could go a very
long way. If you'd like to do so, please make your check payable to
"Madhya Kailash" and send it to the following address:

                Madhya Kailash Temple
                Attn: Mr. Swami/ Mr. R. Narasimhan
                1 Sardar Patel Road
                (Opposite CLRI)
                Taramani Post Office, Adyar
                Madras 600113  INDIA

Please send me a note as well saying you've done so as I'd like to tell
them how much money they can expect from here. Also, feel free to forward
this e-mail to anyone who you think might be interested in contributing.



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