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Re: Does Hinduism require belief in God ?

In article <2soj7o$4p5@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Lokeswara Rao <lokes@selway.umt.edu> wrote:
>In article <2sjb4r$f19@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
>* subbu sivaramakrishnan *  <SXS144@PSUVM.PSU.EDU> wrote:
>>Does Hinduism require one to be a vegetarian ?
>Only if you intend to follow a spiritual life, i.e. improve yourself 

>From my experience in trying to be vegetarian I have revealed somethings which
probably solely apply to me but nevertheless have been very helpful, in being
a vegetarian.  I have several times in the past attempted at being a vegetarian
often influenced by great people like Bapu.  However not after too long I had 
to give it up in temptation.  But everytime I have failed I have learnt a new
thing, most importantly, I have learnt that discipline doesn't come from 
coercion or restraint of oneself but the understanding of the necessity of that
discipline.  That is, just to force oneself to be a vegetarian is not 
discipline but to understand why one should be a vegetarian.  I shall not 
reveal my understanding of being a vegetarian lest that seems lucrative to you
and in doing that, I will only stop you from asking yourself why you feel and
understand that you want to be a vegetarian.  
Also in comment to the answer Lokes has provided, I don't feel that it is 
bettering yourself by being a vegetarian, because to say that implies you are
comparing it with someone else, or some value.  This contradicts my idea of
religion and specifically God, whom to me is One who doesn't see a difference
between good or bad, evil etc but lives amidst this existence in harmony and
peace enjoying every moment which time provides (I am limited by words).  It 
is just like not seeing a difference between a black man and a white or any 
other sort of difference.
I write this article in confidence that I shall receive some of the best 
criticism of my views, after all my views are their for criticism and change. 
I have read this group for a while and am confident that the people in this 
group are dedicated to the discussion of religion, in that I can draw solace.


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