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Reality and Time

Few days back I posted an article as a response to the discussion
between Sri Mani and Vidyasankar.  There I mentioned that truth is
defined as that which remained the same in threee period of time.  My
daughter who is a student in Northwestern U. after reading my article
posed a question,  and I thought it may be some interest to other
Jigynasus too. Here is her question and my answer to her for whatever
it is worth.
- Sadananda

> Hi Nannagaru,
> 	Small question- why does the definition of reality have to be
> something that does not change with time?  Why can't there be a changing
> reality... as instantaneous reality.. the derivative of reality with respect
> to time (sorry... too much math)
> 	Well, I'm off to study!
> Keerthana

Little girl.  

you are right. Reality has nothing to do with time. It is independent
or beyond time! Any thing that changes defines the time because time is
not an absolute variable. That is why in physics time is expressed as
Ci as imaginary coordinates! If something changes, before change and
after change and the interval between them defines times.  Which one is
real in thatJ- the one before  change or after the change? If I bet on
the first one I loose, since it changed and if I bet on the second I am
not sure because it can undergo change.  If I want to find out the
absolute, it has to remain changeless. If it keeps changing it is a
loosing battle for me! What I discovered as truth is no more and
another has come in as truth.

 Changing things can only be recognized with reference to something
absolute which is changeless.  If something is changeless then I cannot
define time with respect to that since it is the same in the past,
present and in future. That is what the definition of reality is- 
Tri Kale Abhaditam Satyam - that which remained the same in three
periods of time.  That is to say it is beyond time and not limited by
time. The reason they use time is make us understand that absolute is
not a temporal thing but is independent of time.

 Time is also a projection of the mind - and by relativity theory time
and space are interrelated.  Mind is flow of thought. Every thought
defines time, because for each thought there are two sequential events
- beginning of the thought and end of the thought and interval between
the two is time. That is why absolute is beyond thoughts - that is
beyond intellect. Hence all that is bound by space and time cannot be
absolute.  There is only one in the world that can fulfill this
definition of reality.  That is the consciousness in you.  you are
consciousness of the time.  If you think deeply you can see that you
can only be consciousness of the present at all times. Yesterday you
were conscious of that present activity, Now are you are conscious of
the present and tomorrow you are conscious when it becomes present. But
this may came as a shock -  In present, there is no time! Since to
define time you need two things - past and present, present-future etc.
And in present alone there is no time, and the truth is you are there
only in the Present! Think about it! 
Thought is the reflection of the past or memory - of the dead present!
When you are conscious of your thought in the present, you are only
bringing into your present consciousness, your dead past.  If you think
deeply you will recognize that what you think you are (the ego or
jeevabhavana) is nothing but the sum total of your memory and your
projection of your future.  Ego has no relation to the present.  If you
ask any body who they are they give their whole history - with
reference to their body (physical relationships) with reference to mind
(emotional relationships), with reference to intellect (intellectual
relationships) - I am doctor, scientist etc., but who they are
independent of all these "relatives" they do not know.  Now you will
see the glory of the present. 

Action can only be done in the present.  Enjoyment is also in the
present.  Everything is in the present and present alone is real
because present is beyond time!  And in present alone you are there!  A
mahatma lives in present enjoying every `moment'(here words fail)  of
life. He is eternal - meaning beyond time!  His equipment's undergo
change but he does not.  In the changing world what is then real - the
only thing that does not change is its existence. Seed was there
(existing) - seed is gone, but tree is there (exists)-tree is gone, but
firewood is (exists) - firewood is gone - but ash and smoke `is'. You
may call this conservation of matter if you want -  matter can not be
created nor destroyed but one form to the other - But now matter can be
changed into energy.  But what is truly changeless is existence. That
why Krishna in Bhagawad Geeta Ch.2 says That which exists can never
cease to exist -  From seed to ash, only that is changeless is
existence.  That is why existence - consciousness and bliss is called
the nature of the lord. Think about it,  knowing though that it is
beyond thoughts! - 

To answer to your derivative question, yes you can take the time
derivative of the world in the present.  What comes out as an answer is
that which is beyond time or constant which is that existence which
remained constant from seed to ash - in and through all changes.  But
the fact of the matter the derivative does not exist because in present
there is no time! Nannagaru    

Well that all folks - Sadananda

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