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Re: Hindu/Christian Relationship

In article <2tb072$cm5@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Jayant Lulla <lulla@athena.mit.edu> wrote:
>What you say is true - there is very little that discourages
>marriages between Hindus and Christians.
>The only argument I can think of is that a child of such a 
>marriage would be under a bit of a burden - he would have to 
>be familiar with both the Bible and the Gita.  Sundays would also
>be a bit of a problem since he would have to shuffle Church and 
>Temple visits.  Finally, when he is asked to check the box for 
>religious preference, he would have to check both Christianity and 
>Hinduism or flip a coin or alternate preferences...

I would say that is a terrible burden, because hinduism and christianity 
are very different on the surface. For a teenager who is forming his/hers 
views on life etc., and who has to claim two very different 
philopsophies as his own, it will be very difficult to form a solid 
cultural foundation. The child will be lost spiritually and he/she will 
either hate one of the religions or neglect religion altogether.

I think the couple should decide and teach/ask the child to follow only 
one of the religions.


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