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Re: Jains - Are they Hindus?

In article <2t8d4e$jj4@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Nirav Shah <nshah@NMC.ED.RAY.COM> wrote:
>I would like opinion of a lot of you guys out there about something
>that I always get in argument with lot of my friends/family.
>Do you believe that Jainism is a religion separate than Hinduism?
>Seeing the enormous similarities I tend to believe not.
>Moreover, I don't even see Hinduism as a religion, but rather a mossaic
>of various similar beliefs/religions having their own criterion.

I agree with you. In hinduism itself you have shakti, shaivaite, 
vaisnavaite etc. and the various philosophical paths - dwaita, advaita, 
visishta advaita .

Furthermore hinduism also encompases the various village gods all over india.

Mahavira (the founder of jainism) came from India as did ramanuja, 
shankaracharya, chaitanya etc who are part of secular hinduism. But 
jainism itself has some drastic differences from hinduism in general. One 
I could think of is absolute purity is whatever is done. Hinduism though 
emphasizing purity, does not make it mandatory in every action done in one's 


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