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Re: Does Hinduism require belief in God ?

In article <2t8d48$jfl@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Pratip Kumar Nag. <pratipn@ccwf.cc.utexas.edu> wrote:

>Also in comment to the answer Lokes has provided, I don't feel that it is 
>bettering yourself by being a vegetarian, because to say that implies you are
>comparing it with someone else, or some value.  This contradicts my idea of
>religion and specifically God, whom to me is One who doesn't see a difference
>between good or bad, evil etc but lives amidst this existence in harmony and
>peace enjoying every moment which time provides (I am limited by words).  It 

Of course anybody whose intentions are spiritual are actually trying to 
become better. Granted, everybody is perfect from the beginning, but the 
veil which blocks our vision from being perfect is caused by material 
desires and limitations(maya). 
You are actually comparing yourself between your present condition and 
what you can be in reality.
This doesn't involve god at all. It is all up to you to remove the veil 
which blocks your perfect vision. Of course, with god's grace you might 
be able to do it better.

If we are not trying to become better, then what is the use meditation, 
bhakti yoga, karma yoga, jnana yoga etc.?

Criticisms welcome.

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