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==}Re: Cows in Danger Now!

In article qhm@ucunix.san.uc.edu, axl@utxvms.cc.utexas.edu writes:
>I normally eat beef without a second thought, as I am not a Hindu.
>However, I learned somewhere that Hindus oppose the killing of cows.
>After I get done reading the newsgroups today, I'm going to go grocery
>shopping and I might get some hamburger.  But, I'd like to give y'all
>a chance to explain why it is offensive to eat beef.  If I get a response
>before I leave today and I like the reason(s), then I promise not to
>buy beef tonight.  

What sort of a deadline is that!

I am a non-practising hindu, and I choose to reply to your mail.

Ancient time: 
	Cows were not slaughtered because of their economic value.
	Beef was eaten very rarely, only for major feasts.

	Maybe they chose to tell people about "holiness" of cows
	to restrain people from eating them (economical reason),
	and so even to date, hindus worship cows.

	Well, how can you slaughter something you have been 
	worshipping for centuries?

About USA:
	The way beef industry is run, it's bad for the environment.
	And hence not eating beef would be perhaps a good idea.
You seem to be from Texas (from email id). 
Do people there *really* think "Salad is not food - salad is what food eats"
Heard that sometime ago...



Vinod Arekar

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