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RSS : A Vision in Action ...


Since its inception in 1925, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has now 
spread over 30,000 places -- including both in Bharat and outside Bharat. 
No section or group in the society, students, traders, artisans, etc., 
has been left out of its fold. Many full-time swayamsevaks (volunteers) 
have been working relentlessless and selflessly for a dynamic and 
positive transformation of the Bharatiya society. The sustained efforts 
have had their desired effect.

The Akhil Bharatiya Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram (VKA) has been running schools and 
hospitals in the rural and tribal areas. For example, the village Tayning 
(in Nagaland) has a school, an associated hostel and a medical centre 
operated by the Ashram with the assistance of Heraka Naga Leaders. VKA 
has 808 full-time workers, executing more than 6000 projects.

Education in rural areas occupies a place of importance in the scheme 
called Vidya Bharati (VB). This scheme runs about 6500 schools 
across Bharat, and has about 53,000 teachers all over the country. The 
number of "one teacher one school" type of institutions in the far-flung 
vanvasi areas are growing fast. The residential school in Haflong in 
North Cachar Hills district has 150 students drawn from 20 janajaati 
groups comprising Nagas and others. The Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal (BSK) 
has about 26,000 active workers, almost half of whom are women.

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, popularly known as the ABVP, is 
the largest University organization today. ABVP has not just undertaken 
the task of conducting reforms at the University level, but has attempted 
to generate awareness regarding the national problems among students as 
well. The role of ABVP in bringing the Assam problem to all-Bharat level is 
significant. The ABVP workers are actively engaged in apprising the Bihar 
Government, the press and people about the growing threat from Bangladesh 
infiltration. The ABVP has a membership exceeding 750,000; 3091 chapters 
in 126 (out of 170) universities with 289 full-time workers. As a special 
mention, 600 ABVP workers devoted their time and effort in providing 
succor and help during the Latur Earthquake. Most recently, an 
infanticide survey project in Tamilnadu was carried out and programs were 
convened to educate the people as regards the associated ills.

Social transformation, upliftment of the poor, enhancing the self-esteem 
of the downtrodden occurs with proper samskars imparted by various 
service activities. Seva Bharati is dedicated for such a cause. For 
example, Seva Bharati of Delhi has over 200 projects, with baalwadis, 
baalsamskar kendras, tailoring classes, coaching classes, medicare 
centres, kirtan mandalis, night schools, reading rooms, etc. covering 
about 75 slum areas. More than 250 projects have been launched, with a 
participation of about 150,000 Sangh karyakartas.

Akhil Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), a labour organization, encourages 
excellence of performance whether in production or in rendering service. 
There have been a number of instances where the co-operation of BMS 
Unions have helped the management to get over their troubles and run the 
industry efficiently. This organization has about 3400 unions with a 4.5 
million membership across the country.

Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sangh (BKS), over the years, has emerged as a major 
peasant force in the provinces like Gujrat and Andhra and is making rapid 
strides in other provinces as well. Successful agitations have been 
launnced by the BKS to get farmers' grievances redressed and their 
legitimate demands fulfilled. The uniqueness of the BKS movement lies in 
the detailed study and constructive approach in solving agricultural 
problems. BKS was the first to demand crop and cattle insurance, which is 
now accepted by the Central/State Government. BKS is active in 301 
districts and 11,000 villages with an membership of about 0.25 million. 

Rashtriya Sikh Sanghat has been formed for promoting greater cordiality 
between the Sikh community and rest of the Hindu society. Its all-Bharat 
convention held at Nagpur in March 1987 presented a beautiful blend of 
various shades of enlightened Sikh opinion. The Rashtriya Suraksha Samiti 
has been very active in Punjab to fight the secessionist and anti-national 
elements. The Sikh Sanghat has 135 coordinating committees.

Our master-artists, trained in traditional skills, could carve out even 
from the crudest of stones the magnificent images of the Divine! With the 
passage of time, however, this unique tradition began to loose its 
sublime motivation. In this context, Samskar Bharati was concieved to 
promote originality, creativity and educative content to art. With its 
units in most states, Samskar Bharati has organized several seminars and 
symposia of artists and literateurs with a view to finding out how best 
art could be made to combine healthy entertainment with ennobling 

Vidnyan Bharati (VB) was established to provide scientific and technological 
knowledge to rural areas, befitting the concept of appropriate 
technology. Programs and seminars have been organized in engineering and 
medical schools illustrating the use of scientific know-how for the 
betterment and improvement of life in general, and in rural areas in 
particular. Groups of volunteers associated with VB have set up 
information centres in villages to provide necessary technical advice 
required by their rural brethern. Family planning programs have been 
organized by medical students.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad promotes awareness about Hindu heritage and 
abou matters of vital importance to the Hindu society in particular, and 
humanity in general. The Parishad offers a variety of programs and 
projects that cater to the needs of the society. Baal-Vihars, Education 
Fund, Regional Hindu Conferences, Youth Camps, presenting Hindu Art 
Exibitions, Support-a-child projects, etc. are some of the activities of 
the VHP - in Bharat as well as abroad. The VHP, along with the Hindu 
Swayamsevak Sangh, is working in 20 different countries; for example, Kenya 
has 53 branches in 31 different places.

Based on the ideals promoted by the spiritual master Swami Vivekananda, 
Vivekananda Kendra is actively working the tribal areas in the fields of 
education and community welfare. In the north-eastern provinces of 
Bharat, schools run by Vivekananda Kendra inculcate amongst the children 
a vibrant spirit of national conciousness and integrity. The Kendra has also 
opened up new fields in Yoga research, which it believes to be a potent tool 
and remedy for solving problems of modern humans.

Many other schemes and social welfare programs have been inspired and 
launched by the RSS for achieving and producing a dynamic and vibrant 
Hindu society but promoting proper samskars through education and 
service. The Bharatiya Vichar Kendra (based in Kerala), Pt. Deendayal 
Upadhaya Institute, and others are involved in organizing discussions, 
lectures, seminars, essay and elocution competitions, etc. to enhance 
intellectual understanding and deriving solutions to problems facing the 
contemporary Bharatiya society. "Vigil", a forum founded in Madras, 
represents the vigilant voices concerning public welfare. This group is 
active in projecting nationalist views through the mass media and 
reacting against every injustice. Arranging educative camps for writers 
and poets is one of its popular programs.

There are numerous, literally hundreds, of other programs and projects 
inspired by RSS, and/or by its allied and scion organizations, pervading all 
aspects of social and national life. They are simply too many to mention. 
However, hopefully, the above provides sufficient glimpse of RSS 
activities -- a step towards fulfilling the dream and vision of a 
better, peaceful and harmonious society.

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