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Re: Cows in Danger Now!

axl@utxvms.cc.utexas.edu wrote:

: I normally eat beef without a second thought, as I am not a Hindu.

: However, I learned somewhere that Hindus oppose the killing of cows.
: After I get done reading the newsgroups today, I'm going to go grocery
: shopping and I might get some hamburger.  But, I'd like to give y'all
: a chance to explain why it is offensive to eat beef.  If I get a response
: before I leave today and I like the reason(s), then I promise not to
: buy beef tonight.  Write back quickly!

>From what I have picked up, centuries ago, cows were just too valuable to
kill. They  had too many uses. Now Hindus do not eat beef out of respect
for all life. Please correct me if I'm mistaken; I'm new here. ;)

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