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Re: Does Hinduism require belief in God ?

In article <2tirbj$qih@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Lokeswara Rao <lokes@selway.umt.edu> wrote:

>Of course anybody whose intentions are spiritual are actually trying to 
>become better. Granted, everybody is perfect from the beginning, but the 
>veil which blocks our vision from being perfect is caused by material 
>desires and limitations(maya). 

I agree that maya is somehow eluding our existence as a whole, completely.  But
that maya comes a lot from the ego, which gives rise to things like self-
expectations, others expectations and so on.  So what is to be said here
is that whether one is vegetarian or not is not going to determine how good one
is at all.  If a person does it because a religion propounds it without 
understanding its necessity then it just like trying to prove something to 
someone else, a challenge or what we to ourselves justify as "will-power".

>If we are not trying to become better, then what is the use meditation, 
>bhakti yoga, karma yoga, jnana yoga etc.?

I think these yogas and almost all religious "laws" as we call it are there
for us to realize this ego and shed it once we can understand why our emotions
are vented in a particular reaction in a particular way. I certainly dont think
that if one can sit and meditate one becomes close to God. I think that person
can sit and meditate for as long as he/she wants but will miss out its essence
until a understanding for the yoga is realized.  Simply put, I am saying that 
there is no use restraining yourself from something just because some before
you thought it was good, but do it once you understand what it is that is
good about it.  
Please do criticize at will.

take care

(... I, in this oyster shell, forever sing
     For a lonely diamond I search on still...)

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