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Re: Cows in Danger Now!

In article <2tirav$qhm@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,  <axl@utxvms.cc.utexas.edu> wrote:
>I normally eat beef without a second thought, as I am not a Hindu.
>However, I learned somewhere that Hindus oppose the killing of cows.
>After I get done reading the newsgroups today, I'm going to go grocery
>shopping and I might get some hamburger.  But, I'd like to give y'all
>a chance to explain why it is offensive to eat beef.  If I get a response
>before I leave today and I like the reason(s), then I promise not to
>buy beef tonight.  Write back quickly!

Interesting. I thought of it and I had to reply.  There is no offense in 
killing cows, its a form of respect for them really that hindus abstain 
from eating beef.  Let me explain.  
India was and still is a majorly agricultural nation, depending on the use
of the cow for tilling the land and ploughing before and after seasons of
growth to rejuvenate the soil.  In addition to that the farmers (who are 
generally poor) get milk and even use the cow dung to make fuel for cooking
etc.  These various uses which the cow provides us with is unimaginably
helpful to the Indian people.  And since Indias are mostly Hindus (80-85%) it 
is our way of thanking the cows and in that sense respecting their benovalence
towards us.  Hence we dont kill cows for the purpose of deriving meat and 
eating them on a regular basis.  However, during the ages this gained a 
religious significance although I believe the rationale above is the main
reason for our abstaining from beef.

Take care

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