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Re: Chillums and Charas

In article <2tt2ql$1rl@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Matthew Taylor <matthewt@cogs.susx.ac.uk> wrote:
>I am not a hindu, but many of my friends have aspirations in that
>direction, and I am very sympathetic to hindu teachings. One thing 
>continues to bother me however. To the hippy sceptic one of the main
>appeals of hinduism seems to be the religious justification for 
>smoking large quanties of charas. My question is why do sadus do it?
>Is getting high really supposed to bring you closer to god or 
>enlightenment, or do they do it merely to distinguish themselves from the rest of their society?
Their justification is that it helps them to concentrate when they are
meditating. The use of charas is what made this look ridiulous during the
sixites and seventies. As far as the main-stream hindus are concerned,
there is nothing like this involved. Infact even smoking is not accepted
in Hinduism. Most of the Hindus are teetotallers. Most of the western
junkies and false sadus have discredited this religion for a long time.
Rightfully the main-stream Hindus see them with disgust and laugh at
them. Infact they don't care. They are just surprised that these
guys took a liking to it. Whatever the new-convert does or thinks is
his business. The Hindus go about thier way as usual. My advice is,
if you want to be a Hindu, accept the philosophy. Hinduism, according
to most of the Hindus(at least) doesn't believe in conversion as most
of the religions do. They never have a member recruitment drives. 
Most of the Main-stream Hindus see people who are doing such things
with suspicion.

	Hope this helps.

		Prasad Golla

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