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Kriya Yoga: Shibendu Lahiri's 1994 US Schedule

=== Kriya Yoga ===

The original Kriya Yoga of Babaji is preserved in its undiluted
form through the dynastic (father to son) lineage of Lahiri Mahasay.
This 19th century sage is revered throughout India as one of the 
great householder saints. His life and teachings became known to
the world through the book, _Autobiography_of_a_Yogi_, by
Paramhansa Yogananda.

In the Lahiri dynastic lineage there are three stages of Kriya
initiation. The first stage is considered the foundation of the
entire practice and consists of five Kriyas and two short Kriyas.
There are three stages overall, consisting of ten Kriyas.

Shibendu Lahiri, the great grandson of Lahiri Mahasay, is the
current representative of the Lahiri lineage.

Shibendu Lahiri will be visiting the United States in August and
September of this year. He will share the teachings and techniques
of the original Kriya Yoga as taught by Lahiri Mahasay and his
master, Mahamuni Babaji.

Mahamuni Babaji has given the sacred technique of Kriya for a divine
purpose. Now is the time for many to receive this sacred gift.

Shibendu Lahiri will present free public lectures throughout the
United States. Appointments for initiation will be available.

                      --- 1994 US Schedule ---

August  7-13               Princeton, Massachusetts   (508) 464-5863
August 14-21               Troy, Michigan             (810) 641-3684
August 22-25               Chicago, Illinois          (708) 576-9371
August 26-29               Orlando, Florida           (407) 295-8422
August 30 - September 5    San Juan, Puerto Rico      (809) 766-1048
September  6-13            Dallas, Texas              (214) 522-5224
September 13-19            Chama, New Mexico          (800) 245-7492
September 20-25            San Francisco, California  (415) 492-9126
September 26 - October 2   Los Angeles, California    (213) 779-0210

For additional information, call 1-800-24KRIYA.

Coordinated by Operation Victory.

Vick De Giorgio - vick.degiorgio@oau.org
                - vickde@vicstoy.oau.org - vickde@vicstoy.UUCP 

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