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Re: Darwinism and Hinduism.

In article <2ttfh6$eta@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Prasad Golla <golla@seas.smu.edu> wrote:
>It is a know fact that Darwinism has shaken the pillars of the western
>religions and the western civilization. That it raises heated debate
>among the people in the west,even today is an indication as to the
>sensitivity of this issue. There is no doubt that Darwinism is the TRUTH.
>Why don't people just accept it and get along with life. Darwinism is still a
>hypothesis and not an accepted fact according to the people of the

I think some christians accept Darwinism as well as hold to their beliefs.

Although man is created from dust, he was not created in one instance, 
but over millions of years. This fits perfectly with Darwinism.


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