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Re: HT:Husband_and_Wife

: 	Sexual intercourse is a natural reproductive function, a part of
: 	the instinctive nature, and its pleasures draw man and woman
: 	together that a child may be conceived.  It also serves through
: 	its intimacy to express and nurture love.  It is love which
: 	endows sexual intercourse with its higher qualities,
: 	transforming it from an animal function to a human fulfillment.
: 	Intensely personal matters of sex as they affect the family or
: 	individual are not legislated, but left to the judgment of those
: 	involved, subject to community laws and customs.  Hinduism
: 	neither condones nor condemns birth control, sterilization,
: 	masturbation, homosexuality, petting, polygamy or pornography.

All of these things, (except for perhaps homosexuality) for the most part
encourage sense gratification. Can it really be said that our scriptures
are value-neutral regarding these acts??? I can't believe that. 

The present degeneration of moral values, both within and outside of Hindu
society, requires that those of us who know better take a stand on things
which serve to distract people from the purpose of realizing the highest
spiritual goal. It may be true that the scriptures do not specifically 
condemn these acts. But I'm sure that any reasonably accurate interpretation
of them will lead us to the conclusion that things like masturabtion, 
polygamy, and pornography are wrong, in the sense that they are body-centered

Pornography especially should be considered wrong, because it requires that
women (and men) degrade themselves for the gratification of others. That is,
it isn't something which only hurts yourself.

The same can be said for polygamy, since it may often occur without the consent
of the 1st wife. I realize that in the past, there were many instances of
polygamy, but in the present Yuga, I think it is most often done for sexual
pleasure rather than for producing children. 

-- Krishna

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